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Shanghai Warden New Welding Material Co.Ltd. started from 1987 as a company, which was Shanghai Baoshan Luodian Welding Material before, a professional welding material manufacture. Shanghai Baoshan Luodian Welding Material started the reformation from 2003, to a normal stock holding company from a Government holding company, and used the name of Shanghai Better welding material Co.Ltd. With the reason of re-registration at 2006, the company changed the name to a new one, Shanghai Warden New Welding Material Co.Ltd.
Our new plant is located in Qingpu Industry Zone, which is a city level industry development zone of South West Shanghai. Warden has a more than 3000㎡manufacturing area inside of Qingpu Industry zone, besides, the office building more than 500㎡, which has the flat base more than 5000㎡' totally. Also, Warden has tens of employee(including more than ten of high level technical expertise), and whole set of production line which is taking the leading position China wide. With the slogan of " Quality is the priority ", and our unique advanced process, Warden now has a tremendous customer base with the loyalty, even in the different industries.
Based on the beyond industry advantage, and more than ten years experience of welding material production, Warden is becoming a new leading power of welding material production which has the unique Shanghai style.
The chief engineer, Mr.Luo Chenglin is the Executive Director of China Welding Association. Mr.Luo has more than ten years of experience of welding field, with multiple related patents which are beyond in China region. With the leading of Mr.Luo, company founded the top level research team in China, and developed long term technical cooperation relationship with lots of famous China research committee, such as Shanghai Steel Research Centre, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Haerbin Welding research centre, etc.
Besides the normal grade of welding material (such as Ag based grade, Cu based grade, Ni based grade, Al based grade, series ),company is more focusing on the new environmental protection material. And now, more than hundreds of customers has the "Win-Win Business Model" experience in the cooperation with the Warden Company.
The company has different series with different style such as bar/piece/powder/pellet/round circle, etc. These materials has the wide-ranging usage in different industries, for the different welding application.
The company welcome all types of cooperation with all types of customers, let's cooperate for the better future.
Shanghai Warden New Welding Material Co.,Ltd