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Mr.Luo Chenglin started his career with Shanghai Steel Research Centre when he graduated from Wuhan University at 1964, with the job of researching of welding material. From 1985, he started his new job of transferring the researching achievement to the industrial production. By his significant and terrific hard working over even 2 years, he finally reached the success of CuP welding material, as the first successful related application in China instead of importing material. At the same time, the production processing developed by Mr.Luo lead to a boom widely.
By now, our PRC is converting to a new CuP welding material exporting country from a CuP welding material importing country. By his great contribution, Mr.Luo received China Hi-Tech Decoration(Lv3), Technical Development Decoration(Lv2), Advanced New Material/Application Decoration, etc. By the year of 1992, Mr.Luo became a member of the list which is listed in the book of <China Contemporary Technology Talent Assembling Roll No.1> .
Mr.Luo has been in this welding material researching field more than 40 years. With this long period, he helped uncountable domestic welding material manufactures, such as Zhejiang Welding Material, Changshu Huayin Welding Co.Ltd, etc, with the great and significant contribution to the industry of welding material developing for our Country.

With his solid knowledge/know-how of theory, and his rich experience of production and processing coming from his long term successful career, we firmly believe that the treasure of Mr.Luo would be a key support for every cooperation between our customers and us, and would also be our another strong hinge to help our customers to resolve their problems in welding field. To help our customers to gain more benefit is always our first priority.
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